United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We must take care of each other and our surroundings. This is the slogan here in Aalborg when it comes to sustainability. Through a number of projects, we in the Center for Green Transition are trying to provide tools to make it easier to act green and sustainably. We develop ideas, tips, and suggestions for actions in collaboration with companies, housing associations, educational institutions… and you! Sustainable development only takes place through community and partnership.

On an international level, tools are also being developed for sustainable development. The most prominent right now is the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which were adopted in 2015 by Heads of State and Government at a UN Summit in New York. With the goals, all 193 UN countries committed themselves to work towards a sustainable development for the whole world until 2030. The SDGs consist of 17 concrete goals and additional 169 initiatives. These goals are universal and concern us all.

The 17 goals direct towards a social, economic, and environmental sustainable development through, among other things, extermination of hunger and poverty, ensuring better education and health for all, establishing decent jobs, and increasing climate and environmental efforts on land and at sea. The SDGs are coherent and, therefore, require a concerted effort to create change.

To ensure sustainable development, it requires active action at global, national, municipal, and individual levels. The SDGs represent global challenges that need to be resolved jointly, among other things through local initiatives.

In Aalborg Municipality, we work continuously and diligently to incorporate the goals into our work. Among other things, the SDGs are expected to be the starting point for the upcoming Sustainability Strategy 2020-2024, which goes across the municipality's administrations and thus projects. The holistic orientation and co-creation (partnerships) are the way forward when we are trying to create sustainable growth as a city.

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