Sustainability Award

Aalborg Municipality delivers in connection with the Sustainability Festival a Sustainability Award.

Better World Fashion won the Sustainability Award in 2018

For the 6th year, the Sustainability Award is awarded in connection with the Sustainability Festival. In 2018, the award went to the company Better World Fashion, which produces leather jackets from used leather. And when you get tired of your leather jacket, you can return it and get a new one for half the price.

The Environment and Energy Committee, which is behind the Award, has chosen to point to Better World Fashion as winner of the Sustainability Award 2018, because the company promotes the circular North Jutland by being based on what is called a circular business model, where the material and jackets are recycled and reused.

The business model takes into account all aspects of the broad concept of sustainability, which is in line with the document - Aalborg Commitments. Here, over 700 cities have signed and will work together for a more sustainable future. 

The committee says that Better World Fashion manages to create commitment among others and focuses on circular economy and sustainability through stories about each product.

Reimar Ivang, founder of Better World Fashion, is proud and happy to win the award: “Our entire business is built on sustainability and circular economy, so it is just great to be recognized on that particular area. At Better World Fashion, the whole philosophy is that things must run in orbit, because we think that makes sense. I am, therefore, happy to get this Award today, which we will take good care of in the year to come until it goes to a new winner in 2019”.

The other nominees were:

  • Rokkedahl Kylling
  • Datamarked
  • Sagawood

Former winners of the Sustainability Award are:

2013: Sunby ApS (Category: Green business of the year)

2014: Mariann Aagard, chairman of the Diet and Nutrition Federation Nordjylland (Category: Action for ecology)

2015: Four students from Mou School (Category: Green Aalborgenser of the Year)

2016: Nordjysk Fødevaeroverskud (Category: Aalborg without waste)

2017: Himmerland Boligforening (Category: Green growth and green jobs).

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