The Sustainability Festival

The Sustainability Festival shows the many sustainable initiatives that take place around Aalborg Municipality and North Jutland. In recent years there has been an increased interest in thinking more sustainably in everything from private homes to public institutions and private companies – The Sustainability Festival is a clear example of that.

The purpose of The Sustainability Festival is to raise awareness of the many local initiatives that exist within sustainability and inspire a more sustainable behavior amongst the citizens and, all others who want to participate. The idea was to establish a framework for the citizens, businesses, shops, educational institutions, energy companies, etc. to contribute with their ideas for sustainable transition, as well as to support and help to create new and exciting partnerships across sectors and actors in order to benefit this transition.

The general idea of the festival is to communicate and showcase the many sustainable projects going on in the municipality…and to inspire!


We look forward to an international Sustainable event in 2024. Until then, the festival is paused. 


The Sustainability Festival - mission and vision

The Sustainability Festival arose, to once a year give sustainability an extra boost in and around Aalborg. The purpose of The Sustainability Festival is to promote sustainability and sustainable behavior in Aalborg, by focusing on the many sustainable initiatives that already exist in Aalborg. Our vision is that it should be easy to be green in Aalborg. Thus, The Sustainability Festival shows the benefits and opportunities of a green lifestyle.


Who is behind The Sustainability Festival?

Center for Green Transition in Aalborg Municipality is behind The Sustainability Festival. But we are not alone! The content is created in collaboration with citizens, companies, educational institutions, and many more. We would like everyone to join us!

In Aalborg Municipality we work with many projects that deal with sustainability. In the Center for Green Transition, we are working to create awareness of sustainability and the many good projects that exist in our community. Sustainability encompasses a lot, and this is exactly where The Sustainability Festival becomes important. The festival is used to showcase the many examples of sustainable initiatives and projects that take place in Aalborg and the surrounding area. Maybe you lack inspiration to become more sustainable?

We know that a lot is happening in the field of education, many private grass roots "have something to do", several companies are turning to greener operations, etc. - so by joining our forces, we can show the wide range of sustainable activities that take place in Aalborg.

Although we mostly work with the environmental aspect on a daily basis, the Project Group for The Sustainability Festival is very interested in how The Sustainability Festival can contain all aspects of sustainability, so please do not hesitate if you have a good idea that you think belongs to The Sustainability Festival!

We look forward to work with you!


What do we understand by sustainability?

Sustainability may sound like an intangible concept. Many believe that it only encompasses wind turbines, electric cars, and ecology – where, in reality, it is all about using your common sense. During The Sustainability Festival, there is ample opportunity to see a lot of different examples of what sustainability is - maybe you get inspired?

Sustainability is much more than a fancy word that takes place at a global level. Sustainability is something that you can easily incorporate into YOUR everyday life.

It can be very difficult to explain sustainability. Therefore, during The Sustainability Festival, concrete examples of what sustainability can entail, will be showcased.


How we understand sustainability

Sustainable development is a development that meets current needs, but without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Overall, sustainable development can be said to be a vision of the future - about how we manage the future here and now. It is about taking responsibility for the actions we take here and now, because they ultimately also have consequences for others in another time and / or another place.

Therefore, sustainability is, in short, about common sense.

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