Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy 2016-20, adopted by Aalborg City Council on 14 November 2016, sets out the visions and strategies that the City Council will work with to promote a natural and environmentally sustainable transition for the benefit of the municipality's citizens, businesses, and the environment.

The strategy sets the framework for the municipality's additional planning and public administration in the environmental and nature areas, and is also a guide for Aalborg Energy concern and Aalborg water concern's strategies for sustainable development.

Sustainable development requires long-term planning and efforts and the strategy is, therefore, divided into both long-term visions and strategic focus areas, which the city council will in particular prioritize in the years to come.
Visions and strategies must be translated into actions to promote sustainable change.

The Sustainability Plan 2017-20 include actions and places responsibility for their implementation in relation to the Sustainability Strategy's total of 88 strategic focus areas. The sustainability plan places responsibility for the implementation between the municipality's administrations and describes how the strategic focus areas are implemented, measured, and reported.

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