Network for Sustainable Business Development

The aim of the Network for Sustainable Business Development is to strengthen the participating companies’ competitiveness through targeted efforts towards environmental sustainability.

Network for Sustainable Business Development

Network for Sustainable Business North Denmark is a private-public cooperation in which companies can improve their competitiveness by combining business development and environmental improvements. The Network strengthens sustainability efforts through cooperation, exchange of knowledge and specific tools that give inspiration to sustainable development in terms of optimization and innovation.
The network's core services consist of, among other things, networking, sustainability screenings, sustainability projects and strategic sustainability plans, as part of creating new sustainable approaches and optimizations for companies in northern Jutland.
NBE North Denmark is a collaboration between the North Jutland municipalities, Local business centers, Aalborg University, a local energy company and a number of companies through membership of the network.
Through the network opportunities for companies to partner with each other are created. It allows businesses across industries to create collaborations where for instance, what is considered waste in one company, can be utilized by another.

Contact: Project manager, Lene Mariane Nielsen:

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NBE Build Aalborg

NBE Build Aalborg is a project area within the Network for Sustainable Business Development, which focuses on creating sustainability in the construction sector. NBE Build Aalborg supports corporate sustainability work, making them better equipped to meet the increasing sustainability requirements within the sector. The network also supports the demands made in Aalborg Municipality's Sustainability Manual, which places demands on the municipality's future construction projects. NBE Build Aalborg creates synergy with the initiatives taking place within sustainable building in Aalborg, and supports the skills and job creation in both Aalborg and construction companies.

Contact:  Project manager, Christina Grann Myrdal:

The GREEN Team

Network for Sustainable Business Development has in recent years cooperated with companies on sustainability as a competitive factor. Experience shows that many SMEs are able to identify feasible projects for resource efficiency and transition processes, and that there is great interest in sustainability among businesses, but experience also shows these processes requires focus, resources and capabilities. Often SMEs do not have these resources and skills, and there is generally not enough volume in the identified projects for new permanent hires.
At Aalborg University (AAU) many graduates are annually educated with knowledge and skills in environmental matters in various fields of study (the 'green gold'), and many students  are engaged with the topics sustainability and green development during their studies, including through project work and internships. Additionally, there are via the University's alumni association, AAU alumni, access to a number of experienced resource persons (the 'grey gold'), who throughout their careers have been dealing with sustainability and green transition. These two groups have been combined to create a so-called 'Green Team'. The Green Team will assist the SMEs in the green transition.
Project Green Team aims to exploit the SMEs  in North Denmark's potential performing green transition processes and thus enhance resource efficiency and growth through the provision of the right resources and skills. The project establishes a green team consisting of the green and gray gold, which implements environmental and economically beneficial projects in companies. Eventually, exports of these projects will ensure resource and competitive advantage in the companies and thus identify growth opportunities and support job retention and job creation.

Contact: Project Manager, Heidi Lyhne Jensen: 

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