Network for Green Retail

Network for Green Retail is a network for retail stores and restaurants in the municipality of Aalborg who want to start, or further develop, their work with sustainability. Network for Green Retail works actively to strengthen the retail stores' environmental profile. In the network, there is ample opportunity to share knowledge and inspire each other within sustainable solutions, across industries.

The consumers' interest in green products and solutions in the retail sector is increasing, and, therefore, it is also a great idea for the stores to place sustainability on the agenda.

When becoming part of the Network for Green Retail, the individual store gets a sustainability screening. Here, a consultancy team focuses on how one, as a store, can incorporate sustainable solutions into operations and the daily work, and how those solutions create value for the store.
Specifically, the sustainability screening is done during a visit from Network for Green Retail and an energy consultant. Based on an informal talk and a conversation sheet, topics such as energy, water, heat, cleaning, delivery, waste, products, communication, and communities, are discussed.

How can the stores and restaurants work with sustainable solutions?

After the screening, a report is prepared which maps out the results and solution proposals that have emerged during the screening. This is subsequently presented and then focus areas, which are desirable to continue working on, are selected in cooperation with the consultant. We will continuously follow up on the focus areas in the Network for Green Retail. We are always ready to exchange knowledge if there are any questions or ideas from you.

Seeing as there is an increased focus on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we help the stores and restaurants link their focus areas to the SDGs. The SDGs are easily recognizable in the work on sustainability and a really great way to convey your work to business partners and customers.

As a shop and restaurant, the SDGs can help develop sustainable solutions and inspire others in the network. They can create new collaborations with other members and help focus on sustainable initiatives. They can contribute to the sustainable mindset spreading to customers and business partners.

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Contact: Project Manager, Anders Du Mont-Thygesen,

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