Make us all greener

It does not always look like it, but you live in one of the greenest places on earth.

Make us all greener

It is not always easy to see that Aalborg is actually in the forefront when it comes to being green and sustainable. Therefore, we are now launching the campaign "Make us all greener". The campaign is based on all the green and sustainable initiatives that take place around the municipality - both at the municipality itself and at companies, private citizens, educational institutions, NGOs, etc. The campaign pays tribute to the green DNA of the citizens at the same time as it encourages even more green action! Because even though we are good, we are not done yet. Through a joint effort, we are well on our way.

The campaign is already visible on the new waste bins in the city center, where YOU help to make us all greener when you sort your waste in the urban space. However, the campaign is much more than sorting your waste. It is also an opportunity to be inspired by your own green initiatives.

Project manager Anders Du Mont-Thygesen from the Center for Green Transition says: “Aalborg is world renowned for our work with sustainability. We actually have two documents in the area that carry our name, namely the Aalborg Charter and Aalborg Commitments. Also, each year, we help to select and celebrate the best transition projects in Europe via the Transformative Actions Award ”.

“We can be proud of that - and we must be proud of that! Because it helps to make us even better, so that in the future we will also be known as one of the greenest places in the world”, concludes Lasse P. N. Olsen, the Councilman for the Environment and Energy Administration.

The campaign film "Making us all greener" shows the municipality's slightly winter-gray appearance, but at the same time tells that a lot of "green" is happening in the municipality. All you need to do is look for the "make us all greener" stamp.

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