Center for Green Transition

Center for Green Transition was created in 2013 and its main purpose is to contribute in the promotion of the green transition in Aalborg. Center for Green Transition is an umbrella of projects addressing sustainability and partnerships. Among other things, the center will support some of the initiatives that are a part of the municipality's Climate Strategy and Sustainability Strategy. This work supports, moreover, the obligations of Aalborg has - as a result of the Aalborg Commitments.

Center for Green Transition has a special focus on 3 areas:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Sustainable city - and housing development
  • Green behavior

Municipality's Sustainability Strategy

The center leads the development of the Municipality's Sustainability Strategy, which includes visions, strategies and objectives that promote an environmental and sustainable green transition for the benefit of local citizens, business, and the environment. The strategy simultaneously focuses on consumption and resources and how SMART solutions based on circular economy can create green growth and social development in the municipality. The sustainability strategy is formulated in consultation with citizens, associations, companies, and educational institutions in order to ensure effective anchoring and implementation of sustainable development in Aalborg and to develop citizenship about sustainable change. A key prerequisite for a sustainable transition is that it happens in cooperation with the citizens. Therefore, the Sustainability Strategy puts special focus on the role of citizens and combines the desire for a sustainable transition with the citizens' well-being and quality of life. 

Aalborg was in a newly released report by the EU commission, ranked no. 1 when it comes to where people are most satisfied with life in general. We want to maintain this position and the Sustainability Strategy plays a significant role in achieving this.

Contact: Head of CGT, Steffen Lervad Thomsen

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